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All Times US Eastern Time

Day One

Monday, April 15, 2024

11:00 am

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Welcome to the Caring for the Human Spirit Conference! We are excited to kick off this life-changing event and set the tone for the next three days of growth and inspiration. Get ready to unleash the power of spiritual care and connect with  other professionals. 

11:30 am

Keynote Address

Dr. Arif Kamal, MD
Chief Patient Officer, American Cancer Society

The burden of cancer is unacceptably high. How do we solve this and how do we ensure every person has access to information, innovations, treatments, and compassionate care? From specializing care (1.0) to personalizing treatment (2.0) to professionalizing compassion (3.0), Dr. Kamal will discuss the evolution of cancer care, how we can work together to best support patients and caregivers from diagnosis onwards, and why compassion is at the center of team-based patient-centered care.

1:30 pm

Plenary 1: Supporting Faith Communities to be Contemporary Agents of Whole Person Health and Healing

Tom Pruski, RN, MAPS, DMin
Wesley Theological Seminary

This presentation will describe how a seminary has trained and equipped faith community members, clergy, public health professionals, social workers, chaplains, and others through the Health Minister Education Certificate. We will discuss what health ministers are, why they are important to faith communities, and how they are impacting local communities.

3:15 pm

Workshop Series A

A1 - Perceptions of Being Called to the Vocation of Nursing by Faith Community Registered Nurses

A2 - Introduction to Buddhism, Buddhist Chaplaincy and Mindfulness

A3 - From Confusion to Confidence: Gender in the 21st Century

A4 - Applying Vital Talk REMAP to Spiritual Care Visits and Documentation

A5 - Hope and Connection: Interdisciplinary Spiritual Care at the End of Life

A6 - Designing a Framework for Talking About Chaplaincy

A7 - A New Way of Knowing Your Worth and Theirs

A8 - Blast Off: Launching a New Faith Community Nursing Documentation Series


Click here for workshop summaries and more information.

4:30 pm

Workshop Series B

B1 - Dreams as Spiritual Glimpses, Guides, and Gifts

B2 - Fostering Hope for Women Experiencing Early Pregnancy Loss

B3 - Innovations in Spirituality for Nursing Practice: A Curriculum

B4 - Integrating Spiritual Care in Post-Hospitalization Partnership with Faith Communities

B5 - Valuing the Cost of Free for Both Giver and Receiver

B6 - Chaplains' Experiences with Family Planning Patients

B7 - Metaphors & Symbols to Heal Body Negativity

B8 - Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum 2024

Click here for workshop summaries and more information.

Day Two

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

All Times US Eastern Time

9:30 am

Westberg Educators Meeting (by invitation only)

10:30 am

Awards Ceremony, Board Certifications and Capstone University Virtual Graduation

Join us to celebrate the chaplains who have achieved Credentialing (CC), Board Certification (BCC), and Advanced Practice Board Certification (APBCC), and to congratulate the 2024 graduating class of Capstone University.

11:30 am

Plenary 2: Sustainable Caregiving

Judy Long, BCC
USCF Division of Palliative Medicine

Judy Long is an outpatient palliative care chaplain and educator with UCSF  Division of Palliative Medicine. Judy has developed and teaches courses in sustainable caregiving for care partners of people living with neurologic illness, resiliency for people living with neurologic illness, as well as clinician self-care for those who serve them. She also provides training in emotional balance and self-compassion.

3:15 pm

Workshop Series C

C1 - Providing Spiritual Care to Estranged Families at the End of Life

C2 - Created in the Image of God

C3 - Lifelore: An Inclusive Approach to Patient and Family Communication

C4 - Using Gratitude Journaling to Improve Employee Morale

C5 - Faith Community Nursing (FCN) Research Forum

C6 - Quality Measurement Codes for Chaplains

C7 - Trauma Informed Spiritual Care

C8 - CBCT© (Cognitive-Based Compassion Training) as Self-Care for Caregivers

Click here for workshop summaries and more information.

4:30 pm

Workshop Series D

D1 - Providing Spiritual Care to Those Seeking Moral Healing and Self-Forgiveness

D2 - Making Sense of our Stories: Three Lenses that Help Connect the Dots

D3 - Congregational Care Through Intentional Network of Support

D4 - Deeper Understanding of Grief: New Avenues of Communication with Grievers

D5 - Transitional Care Delivered by Faith Community Nurses: From Research to Practice

D6 - Actualizing Models of Spiritual Care: A Work in Progress

D7 - Cancelled

D8 - Resilient Souls: Empowering Faith Leaders in Disaster Spiritual Care with NVOAD Principles

Click here for workshop summaries and more information.

5:45 pm

Westberg Institute's World Forum

Join us to celebrate and hear the amazing stories of Faith Community Nurses working across the globe.

Day Three

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

All Times US Eastern Time

10:00 am

SCA Annual Meeting of the Membership 
(SCA Members only)

11:00 am

Workshop Series E

E1 - An Antidote to Depression and Anxiety: One Small Emotion Leading to Self-Transcendence

E2 - Technology: An Essential for 21st Century Spiritual Care

E3 - First the Spirit; Then the Body: How Energy Healing Can Inform Spiritual Counseling

E4 - Are All Welcome? Going Beyond Religious Inclusion in Health Care Chaplaincy

E5 - Marketing Tools for FCN Events and Education

E6 - Veterinary Chaplaincy: A Chaplaincy Profession Whose Time Has Arrived

E7 - Associations Between Psycho-Social Spiritual Interventions, Fewer Aggressive End-of-Life Measures, and Increased Time After Final Oncology Treatment

Click here for workshop summaries and more information.

12:30 pm

Plenary 3 (Concurrent): From Roots to Realities: Professional Identity in Clinical Pastoral Training Across History and Its Contemporary Challenges

Dr. Brian H. Childs, MDiv, PhD
Rev. George Hull, PhD

Join us as we analyze the delicate balance between tradition and adaptation,  witnessing how the timeless principles of pastoral care find relevance in a world marked by diverse beliefs and shifting cultural paradigms. Through this exploration, we aim to shed light on the nuanced ways in which Clinical Pastoral Training and Clinical Chaplaincy continue to serve as a source of support and guidance, embracing the essence of its historical foundation while navigating the complexities of the modern landscape.

12:30 pm

Plenary 4 (Concurrent): Parish Nursing in the UK Today

Anne Taylor, BSc, Hons RGN, DipHE DN Cert,
MScAdv HCP (Open)

Director of Nursing, Parish Nursing Ministries UK

Queen's Nurse

Join Anne and experienced parish nurse and Regional Nurse Coordinator Gillian Fenner as they describe parish nursing in the UK today. Learn how Parish Nursing Ministries UK (PNMUK) educates parish nurses, providing them with ongoing learning and development opportunities, and supports churches and Christian charities to plan and deliver parish nursing ministries. Hear about Gill’s vibrant work delivering whole person health education and spiritual care to farmers and the rural community through a PNMUK partnership with a Farming Community Network and her contrasting ministry through the church in an area of urban deprivation and poverty. We will also hear from Fr Damian Feeney who as parish priest is both Gill’s line manager in partnership with PNMUK and a Trustee of the charity, bringing his theological insights and reflections to the close of the session.

2:00 pm

Closing Remarks

Note: Agenda subject to change. Changes will be announced in advance.
All times listed are Eastern Time (US).

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