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Workshop Series E

Note: Participants will select one workshop from each series. However, after the conference, all participants
will receive recorded videos of all 40+ sessions.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

11:00 am Eastern Time

An Antidote to Depression and Anxiety: One Small Emotion Leading to Self-Transcendence

Vanessa Velez, MD, Psychiatrist, Soul Psychiatry

Workshop Summary:
Depression and anxiety can have biolog
ical, psychological, social, and spiritual root causes. A byproduct of depression and anxiety may be negative emotions, a sense of constriction, and of isolation. What if we could counter this with a transformative emotion that helps to open and widen our perspectives from a sense of small self to a sense of connected self?

Technology: An Essential for 21st Century Spiritual Care

Justin Martin, M.Div., BCC


Workshop Summary:
This workshop will reflect on the reality that technology has become a cornerstone of healthcare and how healthcare chaplaincy can and must respond. Chaplains can not risk being technology illiterate for it will be foundational to our growth within the interdisciplinary team. Technology can be a tool to help solve some historic problems (e.g. staffing) while also addressing other systemic barrier
s to traditional care (e.g. Social Determinants of Health). Chaplains will need a firm understanding of how to use technology to translate its value to executive leaders and patients alike. Come learn more about yourself and your relationship with technology.


First the Spirit; Then the Body: How Energy Healing Can Inform Spiritual Counseling

Rev. Pamela Bloom, Interfaith Minister

Workshop Summary:
Over the last 40 years, I have served as a Reiki master and energy healer in a variety of institutional and private settings. As an ordained interfaith minister with chaplaincy training, I find energy healing to be absolutely vital in working with patients wanting to rejuvenate their physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. As a member of the Reiki team at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital (NYC), I witnessed time and again the power of energy healing to significantly reduce pain and lower stress. Presently I work with cancer patients and caregivers at Red Door Community (formerly Gilda’s Club), first, individually, then during the pandemic, in Zoom groups, where the combination of guided meditation and energy healing proved powerful even across the wire. I will share stories and insights on how energy healing can be more fully integrated into institutions as well as support the grounded, compassionate presence of the counselor. The session concludes with a group Reiki demonstration.


Are All Welcome?  Going Beyond Religious Inclusion in Health Care Chaplaincy

Bryce Woyak, Chaplain, Agrace Hospice Care

Workshop Summary:
As healthcare chaplains, we often say that our practice is religiously inclusive: We provide care to people of all religions, spiritualities, and life philosophies. But given the ever-d
iversifying populations that we serve, is religious inclusion enough? While we want our care to welcome everyone, many people from marginalized belief systems do not feel welcomed and do not have access to the same level of spiritual care in healthcare settings as those from majority religions do. This reality calls into question how we might expand beyond religious inclusion and towards a more equitable practice of spiritual care that truly welcomes people regardless of their religious affiliation.

In this workshop, we will consider the hopes, difficulties, and ethics of providing equitable spiritual care to the populations we serve. We will explore how to grow from religious inclusion towards more expansive practices of religious accessibility and belonging.

Marketing Tools for FCN Events and Education

Dr. Bethany Tollefson, DNP, MSN, RN, PHN, Parish Health Ministries Program Coordinator, CentraCare


Workshop Summary:
Have you ever wondered how to best market your FCN events and educational opportunities?  This workshop will explore strategies for getting the word out to diverse audiences.  This will include how to develop flyers using different electronic options, marketing options on social media, and an opportunity to compare/contrast strategies with one another.  Bring your device and prepare to walk away with a deliverable tool.


Veterinary Chaplaincy: A Chaplaincy Profession Whose Time Has Arrived

Scott S. Campbell, MS, MHt, MDiv, Veterinary Chaplain, Founder, American Association of Veterinary Chaplains

Workshop Summary:
This workshop will explore the diverse field of veterinary chaplaincy across the 3 pillar communities that it encompasses... the spiritual and emotional care of the veterinary client, patient, and the entire veterinary healthcare team.  Each of these pillar groups experiences its own areas of distress that impact each of the others.  Veterinary Chaplains observe unrest and pain in the members of each of these groups and offer pastoral care to support them.


Associations Between Psycho-Social Spiritual Interventions, Fewer Aggressive End-of-Life Measures, and Increased Time After Final Oncology Treatment

Rabbi Michael Schultz, BCC, Spiritual Care Director, Rambam Health Care Campus

Workshop Summary:
Little is known about the impact of spiritual caregivers, psychologists, and social workers on desired end-of-life medical outcomes, such as reduced use of aggressive care in the final two weeks of life, having more time between the last active oncological treatment and death, and increased hospice use. In this workshop, we will describe the conduct and results of a multidisciplinary research study whose findings make a significant contribution to strengthening both the medical and economic justification for integrating spiritual care into end-of-life care. The same study also examined the content of conversations that patients had with spiritual caregivers, psychologists, and social workers at the end of life. We will present those highly divergent contents, results that help demonstrate and describe the differences between our professions and their complementary roles.

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