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Workshop Series C

Note: Participants will select one workshop from each series. However, after the conference, all participants
will receive recorded videos of all 40+ sessions.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

3:15 pm Eastern Time

Providing Spiritual Care to Estranged Families at End of Life

Kevin Wardlaw, Ph.D., M.A., M.Div., Chaplain, Palm Garden Healthcare


Workshop Summary:
This workshop will pres
ent collaborative interventions for providing spiritual care to estranged families at the end of life. Family estrangement at the end of life is generally complex to varying degrees. Interdisciplinary healthcare teams are challenged by navigating through complex webs of family dynamics which can often interfere with such patients/long-term care residents experiencing "good deaths." Interventions and care plans that are holistic and sensitive to these challenges will be explored.

Created in the Image of God

Rev. Joy Eastridge, RN, BSN, M.A., First Broad Street United Methodist Church

Workshop Summary:
Participants will be inspired to consider the importance of what it means to be created in the image of God and to live to our potential. The group will also discuss strategies for helping members of the congregation understand wellness and illness within this perspective with a special focus on ministry with those who live with dementia or special needs and how they reflect the image of God.


Lifelore: An Inclusive Approach to Patient and Family Communication

Gregory Holden, MA, BCC, Chaplain (retired)

Workshop Summary:
A universal chaplain greeting that addresses all patients, regardless of their background or makeup. Is it a pipe dream? I suggest the following:

“Can you tell me something about you that the doctors and nurses and I should know?” Or…

“Looking back on your life, what have you learned?”

I developed the term Lifelore to describe learning from one’s own life. It’s more than a “life review.” It emphasizes healing and spiritual growth through retrospective reflections. Lifelore opens communication with patients and families and deepens chaplains’ self-knowledge by reflecting on their own past. This workshop explores Lifelore as a balm for spiritual distress, a palliative approach to grief, and a heart healer for mourning families.

We will examine studies that show the benefits of life review for those experiencing spiritual distress; examples of how Lifelore integrates into one’s chaplaincy; and exercises for chaplains to learn from their own lives.

Using Gratitude Journaling to Improve Employee Morale

Rev. Clyde Sanda, Chaplain, Adventist Health Columbia Gorge

Workshop Summary:
The purpose of this workshop is to improve morale in the workplace. Both gratitude and humor have been shown to im
prove psychological and social health. In this workshop, we will utilize both.

Our goal is to create a healthier work environment. Studies show that practicing gratitude improves our moods, makes us happier, and increases our sense of community and connection to others. Grateful people tend to feel more engaged and become both more cooperative and efficient. Conflicts decrease, employee mistreatment and gossip decrease, along with fewer sick days and less absenteeism. Employees who practice gratitude are a true asset and blessing to their company.


This workshop will provide training on gratitude journaling, along with excerpts from proven results, motivational prompts, relevant quotes, affirmations, and humor. A pre-survey and a post-survey will be included to statistically measure the participant's results.

FCN Research Forum

Deborah Ziebarth, PhD, MSN, RN-BC
Deb Fell-Carlson, BSN, RN, MSPH
Marcy Shanks MSN, MSED, RN

Dylan Henricks, RN BSN
Jo Garrison, DNP, NEA-BC
Susan M. Smith, MSN, RN


Workshop Summary:
Faith Community Nursing Research published in 2023 will be summarized and presented. In addition, Faith Community Nurses will share how their program/practice became shareable as they wrote for publication.


Quality Measurement Codes for Chaplains

The Rev. George Handzo,  APBCC, CSSBB, Director, Health Services Research & Quality, Healthcare Chaplaincy Network
Rev. Eric J. Hall, D.Th., APBCC, CEO, Spiritual Care Association


Workshop Summary:
In October 2022, the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved the first set of codes to help measure the quantity and quality of what chaplains do in health care. These codes, known as HCPCS codes, give chaplains a powerful new tool to establish their contributions to health care and lay the foundation for further integration of spiritual care.  The presenters led the efforts to secure the codes and are now integral to the integration effort. At the end of the presentation, participants will understand:

1.            What HCPCS codes are and how these codes were approved.

2.            Why HCPCS codes are important for quality improvement and further integration of spiritual care in health care.

3.            How the codes are being implemented and how individual institutions can prepare to use them.

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