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Workshop Series B

Note: Participants will select one workshop from each series. However, after the conference, all participants
will receive recorded videos of all 40+ sessions.

Monday, April 15, 2024

4:30 pm Eastern Time

Dreams as Spiritual Glimpses, Guides, and Gifts

Patsy Fortney, CC, Chaplain, Central Vermont Medical Center

Workshop Summary:
Throughout history and across cultures and religions, dreams have been considered important, even divine, messages offering guidance, support, and comfort. Regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, many people believe that their dreams are meaningful and helpful. Chaplains and other care providers are well placed to explore dreams as a vehicle for eliciting feelings, promoting self-reflection, and enhancing spiritual understanding.

In this workshop, participants will learn simple tools for addressing patients’ dreams, as well as their own, and also how dreams have been understood historically up to the present day.



Fostering Hope for Women Experiencing Early Pregnancy Loss

Nic Aunger, BA, GradDipEd, GradDipCouns, GradCertTheology, Manager Pastoral Services, St. John of God, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Lynda Wyles, Senior Pastoral Practitioner, St. John of God, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Workshop Summary:
Across all St John of God Health Care (SJOGHC) hospitals in Australia, benchmarks are set for supporting patients and their families at the time of pregnancy loss. Over consecutive years the data showed that at Bendigo there had been inconsistent support and follow-up of patients' spiritual and emotional needs at this time despite implementation of a number of strategies. The pastoral team developed a targeted improvement program of an integrated approach to support at the time of pregnancy loss. This resulted in greater confidence in clinical staff responses to pregnancy loss and an improved percentage of patients being seen by pastoral services. In August 2022 Bendigo SJOG pastoral services team was awarded Catholic Health Australia Excellence in Pastoral Care for the project.


Innovations in Spirituality for Nursing Practice: A Curriculum

Linda S. Golding, MA, BCC, Coordinator, Pastoral Care & Education, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Mary Tresgallo, DNP, MPH, FNP-BC, ACHPN, Nurse Practitioner, New York Presbyterian Hospital

Workshop Summary:
Human beings are driven to make meaning of their circumstances, especially during times of illness and patients express the desire and need for healthcare providers to acknowledge spirituality in their care (Acta Biomed. 2019; 90 (suppl 4): 44-55).  


This workshop will introduce a curriculum of interactive didactic sessions combined with a chaplain-led one-on-one clinical practicum to consider spirituality and its significance in the care and assessment of patients by nurses.  There will be opportunities for role-play and discussion.



Integrating Spiritual Care in Post-Hospitalization Partnership with Faith Communities

Rev. Dr. Dale Alan Young, D.Min, BCC, Chaplain, Global Grief Support, Inc.
Rev. Guillermo Escalona, Director of Pastoral Care, Miami Cancer Institute, Baptist Health South Florid

Workshop Summary:
This workshop will present a multi-disciplinary model of collaboration and referral in a partnership between Baptist Health South Florida, Share Your Heart, and faith communities in the Miami area. The Pastoral Care Department of BHSF established a training program for volunteer chaplains in partnering faith communities. Share Your Heart, Inc. manages the referrals of discharged patients who need follow-up care after hospitalization. The workshop will focus on how to create a similar model of integrating spiritual care in a coordinated partnership between a hospital system and area faith communities.



Valuing the Cost of Free for Both Giver and Receiver

Saundra Denise Brown, Faith Community Nursing Program Manager, Texas Health Resource

Workshop Summary:
Providing “free services” to those in need is a trademark of the church and many social organizations. Often, the cost of making a free service happen is not considered. Free is not Free, it costs someone something somewhere. People dismiss free services when Free has no value, and those for whom a free service is offered are treated as “they should be grateful, it is provided free” without the cost to the end-user being considered. If you want your free services to be valued and better utilized by both the giver and the receiver, it is important to consider and count the cost to both sides.


Chaplains' Experiences with Family Planning Patients

Blake Zwerling, MD, MSc, OB/GYN, Johns Hopkins University, Gynecology & Obstetrics
Bruce Feldstein, MD, BCC 


Workshop Summary:
Researchers conducted in-dep
th, semi-structured, qualitative interviews with currently practicing chaplains recruited via convenience sampling in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia region. We analyzed interviews using directed content analysis and coded using both inductive and deductive coding.

Metaphors & Symbols to Heal Body Negativity

Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale, MS, M.Div, D.Min, Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith

Workshop Summary:
There is an epidemic in the US Western culture of body negativity, specifically the sexual body. As a result of 2000 years of Christian doctrinal support for “otherizing” on the basis of gender, orientation (and implicitly, if not explicitly, able-bodied, and racialized perspectives), and restrictions of individual body autonomy many, if not most, highly religious people carry sexual guilt and body shame. These internalized emotions, in turn, lead to poorer health outcomes, lower self-esteem, and deter a lively, exuberant life that is based on curiosity, trust, and a willingness to be vulnerable.  Strategies for challenging body negativity will be explored.


Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum 2024

Dr. Sharon T. Hinton, MSN, RN-BC, NPD-BC, D. Min, BCC, BCLC, BCMHC
Director, Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing


Workshop Summary:
Join us to discover the new updates and changes found in the 5th edition of the premier entry-level curriculum for the specialty practice of faith community (parish) nursing used worldwide. Educational Partners are especially encouraged to attend as the newest version of Foundations instructor manual and participant guide will be available for review.



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